6 Email Marketing Tips to Get Your Message Opened


6 Email Marketing Tips to Get Your Message Opened

Author: Holly Hicks

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In today’s digital marketing age many business owners and internet entrepreneurs struggle to get their brand recognized online. Possibly the most desired method of doing so today is by directly marketing your product or message to a targeted audience through email. However, what most people still don’t understand is that even with a massive targeted list of contacts, there’s still no guarantee that your message will be opened and consumed by the reader. Read on for 6 email marketing tips that will get your message opened at a consistently high rate.

Find a good subject line

Finding a good subject line is much like shopping for fruit at a grocery store. There’s so many to choose from that it can often be easy to skip over what is a delicious fruit on the inside simply because the outside looks unpleasant. The same applies for choosing a great subject line for your message. Chances are your audience is already receiving many emails on a daily basis, and even if you have amazing content inside your email, it may never get opened because of an unattractive or useless subject line.

So how does one go about picking a good subject line? Well to start off, it’s never a good idea to lie to your audience. Writing a fake pick-up line will just increase your bounce-rate and possible lead to a few unsubscribes. Honesty is truly the best policy here. Tell the reader exactly what’s inside the email in a clear and effective way. By doing so you will earn their trust and hopefully gain a subscriber for life.

Use an HTML newsletter template

I cannot stress this one enough. Use an HTML newsletter template that will render the same across multiple platforms. With the ever-growing number of internet browsers, email services and clients it can be really frustrating to have to sift through emails where the message isn’t even legible and shows up scrambled or worse, not at all.

Make sure that you are using a trusted online HTML template maker that will create email friendly newsletters which are compatible across many different platforms.

Simple and to the point, less is more

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. Keep your message simple and to the point. There’s a reason why movies are almost never over two hours long and the standard television show is only 30-45 minutes long. People have short attention spans. If your message is dragged out and extremely long, most of your readers will just move on to the next email and not even bother reading the first paragraph.

Figure out what you need to say and get right to the point as soon as possible. Don’t waste precious seconds telling them useless information that they neither want to hear, nor have time to read.

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Good call to action button

Always try to end your email with a strong call to action. Whether you’re directing them to buy something, or sending them to another website or blog, make sure that YOU tell them exactly what they need to do in a clear and concise way. A good call to action button is necessary for almost every email message. Your reader is a busy person, we all are. The less thinking you force them to do, the better. If you want someone to leave a comment or subscribe to one of your new videos, simply tell them to do so. If you don’t, they will probably assume that you don’t care about comments and likes and they will spend those precious seconds doing something else.

A/B Testing

One of our next email marketing tips is to take full advantage of A/B testing. It’s a simple and easy way to test the changes you make with your email marketing strategy to see which methods produce the best results. Sometimes values can change naturally without making any big changes to the way you send your emails, so try to keep your testing length as high as 4 to 8 weeks. This will produce the best response rates and help you recognize the changes that came from your tests.

Clean Mailing Lists

Although this one should be obvious, I would like to reiterate it for those who ignore it. Having a clean mailing list is one of the most important tips I can give you that will increase your messages open rate. If you have a huge list of irrelevant email addresses, then it could reflect badly on your business name and the product or service that you’re trying to push. It’s also highly likely that some of the addresses will be misspelled and undelivered completely, so pay close attention for any common misspellings.

We hope that these email marketing tips have helped you figure out a few ways that you can improve your messages open rates and be able to use email marketing successfully. The most important tip is that you don’t give up and keep trying different methods and strategies to continually improve your email marketing plan.


Holly Hicks is the founder of DeliverySuccess, a social and email marketing company. She has extensive experience helping customers build visibility with online resources, and reaching targeted audiences.

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