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Can SEO be guaranteed..? –This question can burn internet marketers and website owners alike! The SEO industry is saturated with companies offering all manner of services and strategies to build your business online, and in order to stand out from the crowd it is typical for SEO companies to promise guaranteed results.

Improving your online profile takes time and although it is possible to make substantial profits, it is becoming increasingly more difficult for SEO companies to guarantee results. Having to constantly change strategies will not guarantee the best results in the short term – but it doesn’t mean it is impossible.

The biggest problem for webmasters looking to hire an SEO company is which one will get them the best results. And this is where a lot of false advertising comes in. SEO companies outright promise to improve your websites rankings and get you on to page one of search engines.

White hat vs black hat SEO

Website owners have to be very careful when selecting an SEO company. There are essentially two types – those that use white hat tactics and those that use black hat. You should always go with a white hat company as they use SEO techniques that are permitted by Google and will protect your website ranking against Google penalties.

Black hat companies on the other hand use techniques that work, but are considered to manipulate search results and are therefore forbidden. Websites that are found to be using black hat tactics are awarded a penalty which removes them from the search engine index. Ultimately you lose your ranking and it could take six months or more to recover.

You can recognise a black hat company by what they offer. They normally boast about getting you to #1 in Google in three months or less, offer guaranteed link building deals at ridiculously low prices (£10 for 100 links) or offer to work for free until they receive better results.

The truth is that 100 links and likes will not be organic and anybody offering to work for free will not put much work into your SEO campaign. These types of agencies typically charge you expensive upfront fees and do little work for it. Once they are working for “free” they do nothing but wait until you get fed up and stop paying your monthly fee.

The pros of guaranteed Search Engine Optimization

If an SEO company comes right out and says they guarantee to boost your rankings – approach with caution. Most companies worth their salt will tell you that it is possible to improve your rankings over time – and they can say this confidently because they know how to do it.

What this means is that SEO services do not come cheap – and companies that do not charge much are probably not doing enough. When you consider SEO companies have to collect research data, prepare a bespoke SEO strategy, keep up to date with industry changes, implement systems and analyse data, write content, manage CMS and social media accounts together with keeping tabs on which strategies are working for your website, there is a lot of work to get through.

Having said that, all these elements of SEO services are required if you want guaranteed results – or at least vastly improved results! When choosing an SEO company you want to be certain they are capable of achieving results so look for companies that have a solid, detailed strategy and are looking to forge a long-term relationship.

What to think about when choosing an SEO company

Reputable SEO companies do their homework and know search engine rules at any given time. Google changes its algorithms randomly, but normally only announces two major updates a year. However, algorithm changes at any point in the year can have positive or negative effects on your ranking. Therefore make sure the SEO company you approach know what Google ask for from websites, namely:

– Quality content that is relevant to product or service of the website
– Organic inbound/outbound links
– Fast upload
– Clean code (i.e HTML)

Just because Google keeps shifting the posts doesn’t mean an SEO company can’t score you goals. The savvy specialist can predict where SEO is most likely to go in the future, based on results and non-results they have experienced in the past together with modern trends. Therefore, look for a company with experience. SEO is still a growing industry and everybody from the search engines to old-timer experts are still figuring out how to get the best results. But a specialist with SEO experience will have a better vision than a newbie. It also shows they have enjoyed enough success to stay in business.

Learning the basics of SEO

In order to avoid falling into the honey-trap of “guaranteed SEO” it would help if you knew some of the basics about SEO. There are tons of reputable blogs and industry magazines on the internet you can read up on. This is a better option than attending a course that gives you out of date information. For that reason, always check the date of the article. If it is say six month old or more, check that the information is still up to date.

We have already mentioned that black hat tactics can damage your online reputation and ultimately your rankings. Armed with some of the basics of SEO you should know which questions to ask and have a better idea/understanding of what the answer should be.

Having a basic understanding of SEO is all you need to help you better determine which SEO company knows how to guarantee you results and protect the future growth of your online business. They will charge you a monthly fee, be completely open and transparent about what they will do for you and when you can realistically expect to climb the rankings. Page one SEO cannot be guaranteed, but with the right company it could be possible!

Ali is the CEO & Founder of rapidoSEO. As a young entrepreneur managing multiple businesses he still finds the time to blog about Internet Marketing, Social Media and of course, Search Engine Optimization.

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