Curation Traffic – WordPress Content Curation Theme & Plugin


Curation Traffic - WordPress Content Curation Theme & Plugin

Curating content has never been easier. With both the Theme and Plugin versions of Curation Traffic you get access to the custom built content pulling bookmarklet CurateThis™.

CurateThis™ includes a major bonus feature, it scours your curated content to find high engagement opportunities by finding Twitter accounts of who created the content. This allows you to easily engage with others in your market and your niche.

A stand alone magazine style WordPress theme with 2 main layouts, 11 sub layouts, and is highly customizable with many bonus features such as a top bar and social sharing built right in. You’ll also get instant access to the Curation Mastery Training. The All-in-One Package gives you the most flexibility to employ the strategy of content curation in your content marketing.

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