GoGoRover.com – New Online Classifieds like Craigslist


GoGoRover.com - New Online Classifieds like Craigslist

Author: Holly Hicks

For buyers, sellers and community events, an excellent alternative to Craigslist

Classified advertising, like just about all other media today, has found its way to the internet. People post advertisements for almost everything on hundreds of classified ad sites that have proven to be cheap marketing resources. This is no doubt why many of these websites are flooded with ads from restaurants and local stores. However, as common as online classified advertising is, many of these websites are quite tedious to use, and many viewers get lost trying to make sense of what they see on the screen. GoGoRover ensures that its users, consisting of people who post advertisements and those who view them, can easily browse their desired ads.

GoGoRover may not be the first of its kind, but it surely is a one-of a-kind website. The distinguishing feature of the site is its extraordinarily user-friendly layout. With a clean interface consisting of a smooth grey color combination, it falls easily on the eyes. The homepage contains a list of topics so the user can quickly search for a preferred advertisement. Clicking on the desired topic, the user is then led to a complete list of related ads any of which can be chosen with a simple click. The whole process, from searching for ads to viewing them, is incredibly user-friendly and fast; the viewer is likely to find ads for the exact products or services the he or she is searching for.

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The website’s design is responsive so it loads fast and can be viewed correctly in various environments like desktop, tablet and phone devises. Post and shop on the go!

A website is of little use if it doesn’t help viewers find what they are looking for, and this is exactly the main focus at GoGoRover. The website has a large selection of topics, ranging from Travel and Entertainment to Personals. Viewers can look for almost anything from free items to new and used Cars and Trucks. Anyone can post an ad. All you need to do is sign up with a valid email address. Once a member, you are provided with great support; and you can review, edit and update your ads. You can also add an “urgent tab” for items that require immediate disposal. The website also supports outside image hosting so advertisers can post pictures that are located on other platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, etc.

The website also has an array of additional features to make the process easy for users. On the right hand side of the homepage is a calendar where viewers can select dates for ad-related events. A dropdown menu just above the calendar enables the user to select ads in his/her locality.

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Overall, GoGoRover provides a great experience for users of classified advertisements. The clean interface and the user-friendly layout distinguish it from other similar websites. It is easy to view and post ads. With superior support provided by the website in the form of free ad hosting and customizable ads, combined with a wide range of available topics, GoGoRover.com is bound to attract users from all over the world. Visit GoGoRover.com here and give it a test, it’s new and it’s going to get busy when the word gets out.


Holly Hicks is the founder of DeliverySuccess, a social and email marketing company. She has extensive experience helping customers build visibility with online resources, and reaching targeted audiences.

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