Should You Target Your Email Campaigns?


Should You Target Your Email Campaigns?

Author: David James

Should You Target Your Email Campaigns?

One of the primary challenges of the email marketer is to make their content as relevant to the reader as possible.  By presenting pertinent information which is useful to the readers, we slowly build a trust between them and your company.  So often it is the case that our lists become too large in order to fully take advantage of specific marketing techniques.  That is why from the very start, when the list is first being developed, it may prove more profitable to divide a list into distinct groups of readers who are looking for different types of content.  This division allows for targeted campaigns which have proven to be very effective at driving sales.

Targeting is relatively simple to accomplish with just a little planning and forethought.  The ultimate measure of whether or not an email list is targeted enough is the response of the customers.  If you already have a healthy response rate, then more than likely you’ve targeted the content and offers perfectly given the makeup of your list. In this case, you should be happy with the results.  If you aren’t getting the expected response, however, then you may take the simple steps outlined above in order to increase relevancy of the content over time and hopefully improve the response.  Only then will you see an increase in click thrus and ultimately sales.

Publisher and President of Bethesda Emedia Marketing and Bethesda List Center, David James offers many years of experience in direct marketing, eMail marketing and social media marketing.

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